SAE Keyhole

This example is a benchmark based on the Altair eFatigue SAE Keyhole example. The test and analysis is original found in the book "Fatigue Under Complex Loading: Analysis and Experiments", Advances in Engineering, AE-6, Society of Automotive Engineers, Warrendale, PA, R.M.Wetzel Editor, 1977.

In this example the listed features in SimFat are used (but not limited to):

  1. FE model from PTC Creo Simulate (2D plane stress thin plate)
  2. Unit load (1kN load applied)
  3. Load history are a created based on FE unit load
  4. Custom SN evaluation method (Custom SN)
  5. A single cycle load

Example details

This example is simplified to the fully reversed load case of -13.3kN and 13.3kN that together is the oné fatigue load cycle. And the example only look at the material RQC-100. The geometry reated with PTC Creo Parametric and the FE model is created with PTC Creo Simulate. The geometry is simplified to a 2D plane stress example. (The model could have been reduced to a symmetric model)

SAE Keyhole geometry: RQC-100:

Youngs Modulus, E: 203000 [MPa]

Yield Strength, σy: 565 [MPa]

Ultimate Strength, σu: 863 [MPa]

SN Slope, b: 0.075 [-]

Stress, knee point: 391 [MPa]

Cycles, knee point: 1e6


Video example